This is Englich websit of Office-KOBY Ltd for those English speaking customers living in Japan or for those who wish us to deliver our wines to falimiy members or friends living in Japan. We are importing wines from Weingartner Stromber-Zabergau eG in Germany since June, 2016. We now start selling Riesling Icewine in Japan.New
Stromberg-Zabergau are a wine cooperative in southern Germany, Wurttemberg area and their 1,100 winegrowers are cultivating their grapes with utmost care on 750 hectares of land to produce magnificent wines especially the Lemberger, red which has a prominent role amongst their grape variety. The perfect conditions also allow them to produce excellent white wines like Riesling. They are also producing Organic wines since 1993 such as Regent, red and Riesling, with VEGAN & ECOVIN certifications.

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 This item is alcoholic drinks. We can not sell to customers under 20 years old in Japan.

TRADITIONAL RANGE 8% tax included
#001  Lemberger Red (6 bottles) 12,000Yen
#001  Riesling White (6 bottles) 11,400Yen
#200 Lemberger Red half set (3 bottles) 6,000Yen
#300 Riesling White half set (3 bottles) 5,800Yen
WINEMAKER'S EDITION 8% tax included
#001 Lemberger Dry Red (6 bottles)  13,800Yen
#001 Pino Noir Dry Red (6 bottle) 13,800Yen
#001 Pino Blanc Dry White (6 bottles) 13,800Yen
#001 Riesling Dry White (6 bottles) 13,800Yen
#021 Lemberger Dry Red half set (3 bottles) 6,900Yen
#023 Pino Noir Dry Red half set (3 bottles) 6,900Yen
#026 Pino Blanc Dry White half set (3 bottles) 6,900Yen
#027 Riesling Dry White half set (3 bottles) 6,900Yen
PREMIUM LINE 8% tax included
#001 Octavio Red (6btls) Feminalise Gold 29,400Yen
#006 Nobilis Sauvignon Blanc Dry White (6btls) 21,000Yen
#500 Riesling Icewine White (6btls) New 29,000Yen
#001 Octovio Red half set (3 btls)Wht is Feminalise 14,700Yen
#006 Nobilis Sauvignon Blanc Dry White half set (3btls) 10,500Yen
#620 Riesling Icewine White half set (3btls) New 14,500Yen


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